“Guiding mothers to be into a Journey of Fitness, Nutrition, and Well-being.”

Guiding mothers to be into a Journey of Fitness, Nutrition, and Well-being.

What do you need?

A nutrition plan
A nutrition plan
An excercise plan
An excercise plan
A beauty guide
A beauty guide
Labor, birth, & breastfeeding
Labor, birth, & breastfeeding preparation
Baby nursery shopping
Baby nursery shopping list
A hospital bag
A hospital bag checklist

Holistic pregnancy program
Nutrition plan with recipes (regular and vegetarian options)
Exercise and nutrition information
Labor, birth and breastfeeding information
Beauty guide
Detailed skincare guide and medical recommendations
Baby nursery shopping list
Hospital bag checklist
Loyalty program
Price Free
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"We expect this new program to be the next biggest hit in the Middle East which will change the lifestyle habits of pregnant women"


The pregnancy program includes:
  • Diet plans for each trimester with delicious recipes (including vegetarian diet plans)
  • Exercise program for every month of pregnancy with illustrations and step by step explanations
  • Stretching guide
  • Beauty and skincare guide
  • Weekly details on what to expect in every trimester of pregnancy (with illustrations)
  • Vitamin list
  • General nutrition information (what to avoid eating)
  • General information about sports and pregnancy (what to avoid)
  • Motivational quotes to help you feel beautiful and inspired
  • Baby shopping list
  • Hospital bag checklist

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