Preparing for your baby

One of the most exciting parts of your pregnancy journey is preparing for your baby! whether it is buying baby clothes, decorating the nursery or getting ready for your new life as a mom, here is my personal checklist to help you get started.

It’s always a good idea to stock up on these items a couple of months before your due date to avoid leaving these until the last minute. you might also be really exhausted during your last trimester, and getting ready in advance will really payoff:

  • Baby crib and mattress
  • Bed sheets for the crib
  • Changing table or changing pad
  • Rocking chair for bottle feeding or breastfeeding
  • Waterproof mattress covers
  • Sleep sacks (for when it gets cold)
  • At least two hats for newborns
  • Sleeping outfits and pajamas
  • Cute baby clothes appropriate for the season (summer or winter)
  • Scratch mittens (to prevent your baby from scratching his or her face)
  • Laundry detergent that is suitable for newborns
  • Newborn diapers
  • Burping cloth
  • Baby towels and robe
  • Infant bathtub
  • Baby soap and shampoo
  • Soft sponge
  • Blankets for swaddling
  • Car seat for newborns
  • Medication in case of fever (ask your doctor for guidance)
  • Baby thermometer
  • Baby stroller for newborns
  • Baby mobile, toys and rattles
  • Playpen or baby swing
  • Nail clippers
  • Pacifiers
  • Baby bottles
  • Breast pump (if you plan on breastfeeding)
  • Sterilizer


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