About Us

Maya Nassar - Founder.

XY Pregnancy is the first and only holistic lifestyle program in the Middle East for pregnant women. This lifestyle program contains everything a pregnant woman needs to have a smooth pregnancy journey.

Maya Nassar is a fitness entrepreneur, an international fitness model champion and a certified specialist in sports nutrition and personal training. Maya is the only athlete in history to be endorsed by an Arab government to compete abroad internationally. She is the proud owner of a top-notch brand with over 300,000 followers. She featured on numerous TV Shows and magazine covers globally, regionally and locally.

Maya’s stories and achievements are a source of inspiration for all those who want to take care of their bodies and lead a healthier life. As a mom, Maya wanted to put all her know-how and experiences into a pregnancy program that is designed around 3 pillars: fitness, nutrition and well-being.

While developing the XY Pregnancy Program, Maya made sure to surround herself with prominent pregnancy experts and professionals so they can put together a very comprehensive, user-friendly and holistic program.

Dr. Jad Eid - Obsterician – Gynaecologist.
Dr. Eid is a practicing obstetrician- gynecologist based in Chi Robert Ballanger, Paris. Dr. Eid supervised the whole pregnancy program from a medical angle.

Farah Kanj - Certified midwife and certified waterbirth provider.
Farah is a certified midwife and a certified waterbirth provider. She has a particular interest in pelvic floor health and has completed multiple courses in pelvic floor rehabilitation. Farah currently works on birth support, providing prenatal and postnatal services, homebirth, water birth and pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Farah Kanj contributed to this program with her knowledge, expertise and personal experience as a midwife.

Bashar Diab - fitness and nutrition expert
Bashar is a specialized expert with more 15 years of experience coaching athletes, transforming bodies and changing lives. He has a BA in sports science, master's degree in physiology and bio-mechanics and is specialized in hormonal balance in nutrition, post rehabilitation, postural correction and injury prevention.

Bashar prepared the diet plans for each trimester in this holistic program.



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